What To Expect When Visiting La Mer Beach in Dubai?


An upscale leisure and recreation hotspot, the sandy beach at La Mer Dubai consists of more than 130 stores, ice cream parlours, cafés and bars. Several approved restaurants on the beach area are often able to serve tasty food. Beach sports and Laguna Water Park are some of the significant highlights of La Mer. The La Mer Dubai entry fee is absolutely nothing that means the beach is free to enjoy, but if you like, you can rent water sports equipment and parts of the beach. La Mer Dubai at night is also a perfect place to hang out if you’re a nightlife fan. If you are living in Port De La Mer Dubai, you can easily access these with little or no travelling allowed.

Restaurants at La Mer

There are a lot of classic restaurants open on this beachside that will offer you a variety of delicious dishes and allow your taste buds to come to life with all the delicious flavours. Let us take a look at the restaurants of La Mer Dubai that you can visit.

Amorino Gelato Cafe

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, that’s the spot for you. This coffee is all about serving sugary sweet delicacies that fulfil the sugar cravings. All the food here is made from organic ingredients so that you can eat your dishes without any fear.

Bare burger

This burger spot at La Mer Beach specialises in the cooking of organic burgers for beach tourists. The prepared burgers are without some sort of additional flavourings or contaminants, but even in the absence of all these other ingredients, the burger tastes equally nice.

This is another restaurant that brings mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine to your plate. All the dishes served are authentic and delicious and will soothe your taste receptors after spending a great day at the beach.

Levee Cafe and Lounge

This café exudes a chic beach bar feel. The modern environment of the place would immediately put you in a calming mood. Grab a coffee at Levee Café and admire the landscape in front of your eyes when you’re in a relaxed location.


This is another cafe that adds mouth-watering Middle Eastern food to your plate. All the dishes served are authentic and utterly delightful and will certainly soothe the taste-receptors after a luxurious day at the beach.

Retailers in La Mer Dubai

The beach district of La Mer not only has a range of trendy restaurants and cafés, but it also has a lot of shopping chains to suit your style while you’re on the beach. Let’s take a peek at the shops in La Mer.

I Sea

I Sea is a site devoted to giving you chic, fashionable eyewear to shield your eyes from the sun and making you look like the fashion diva you are. This premium product portfolio includes frames, sunglasses and top-quality contact lenses using the new technologies. You could also get you to eye checked especially.


It’s a multinational swimwear company that sells swimwear to whole communities. If you’re looking for comfortable swimwear suited to your fit, then L’Aqua is your spot.

Beach Bunny

Another line of swimwear, Beach Bunny, is a women’s resort wear brand. The styles of these swimwear stand out from the rest of them. If you want to make a bold comment, this is the beachwear brand for you.

Other attractions in La Mer

Check out the list of big attractions that you can probably see on your journey. Keep your scrolling down and read along!

Laguna Water Park

This water park in Dubai is based on a vibrant Argentinian village named La Boca and is a great experience for children. The park is filled with five water slides that give children an exciting journey. It also offers a family rafting ride and a splash pool for fun. You can relax in Cabanas when in the Water Park or share a surfing adventure with Wave OZ 180 Flowrider.

Hawa Hawa

Hawa Hawa is a nice place for children and friends. It’s an inflatable playground where children can embrace their day in the two specially built dunes and seven peaks that deliver a high degree of fun.

You can also live in District One Villas Dubai to avail similar facilities. These two communities are highly recommended if you want to experience the true luxury of Dubai.